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Safety professional is a new blog for the international fraternity of safety professionals working around the world.

Safety Professionals

Safety Professionals is a blog to aid other safety colleagues in their ongoing challenge of raising the standards of compliance around the world. We welcome feedback and contributions to the safety profession and hope you will enjoy using our blog site.

Safety people  cam make a positive difference in companies and yet are often under resourced or have a lack support from senior management. Some of the debates we will be having is on how to make change happen.  Safety leadership connected with behavioural quality management and the need for a revival in proactive safety management.

ISQEM are one of our supporters of the blog and actively supporting its development. Lets make a change to the workplace environment and improve the safety environment of everyone who goes to work. We have placed details of their association on our links page so you can visit their website and join ISQEM members. Lets do something different and remove the problems facing many safety professional. Lets see if we can spread the good messages of health and safety and it’s benefits to everyone.

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