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How can someone reach the top of the profession and become a leader in OHS?

May 21, 2013

Mentor ISQEM

During my travels I’m often asked the question “how can someone reach the top in our profession and be recognised as a leader of OHS”. I have listed below the top ten things that I recommend to people who either work for me, or I have mentored.

1. Think outside of the box and challenge normal ways of doing EHS.
2. Make sure you do not stagnate in one industry sector, be diverse and learn.
3. Think, act and talk like a businessman as well as an EHS professional.
4. Learn skills such as marketing, Public Relations, HR and finance.
5. Create your own personal image to reflect what you want to achieve.
6. Network at the right levels of the profession.
7. Visibility, get known locally and internationally.
8. Keep your knowledge up to date with latest trends, good and bad ones.
9. Seek and take advice when you need it
10. Always remember it takes a team to really make a success, so never claim you did it all yourself.

I know we can add all types of other attributes and values we need to adopt such as, communication, trust, respect, integrity, sensitivity etc., what people need to do is look at how they are perceived by others.

One of the main problems I have come across for people failing to progress in this industry is that they are out of date with business needs and the commercial world. In today economic climate OHS professionals need to bring true business added value to their organisation. Make sure you join ISQEM and be part of a growing international professional body that is both dynamic and inspirational.

Wayne Harris Chairman of ISQEM

Wayne Harris
Chairman of ISQEM

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