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Failing to communicate in OHS

July 11, 2013


We have to accept that many managers are uncomfortable in social work situations and naturally avoid safety communication with their employees, especially when the communication is on a subject which is unfamiliar or confrontational. We have to assist the people who may struggle to communicate with employees and make sure they are trained and supported and given the right tools for safety communication.

The health and safety of today’s organizations especially during a struggling economic environment depends on the widespread dissemination of OHS information. Although most employees are fine with emails or newsletters, some of your employees may need to have more verbal communication.

The upside to verbal communication is that it is a two-way process allowing for a more open and focused discussion and sharing of safety information, but you also hear what they have to say. Safety communication must be structured and incorporated into daily work activities and it must be factual and precise to make sure the message is accepted by everyone.

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