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Sometimes you just have to Stop

November 3, 2013

We have found this article written by Wayne J. Harris who is a international health and safety practitioner. For the full article you need to click on the link below. It raises the importance of stopping unsafe acts and should be communicated to all managers and supervisors. This is a wake up call to take notice and be proactive in the workplace.

Sometimes you just have to stop

How often do we see people walk by unsafe acts or conditions without saying a word? Well it might be more prevalent than you imagine.

People will always have different attitudes towards safety and how much risk they are willing to accept. However at any point of time you might find yourself in a situation where you personally have to take direct intervention to stop an unsafe act taking place.

So what do you do, when you have to tell someone that you think they are working unsafely, or they are not following safety procedures for the job. Now this could be an employee or contractor, so regardless of whom the individual maybe you still have to intervene.

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